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A Fast, Easy, & 100% Guilt-Free Way To Restore Your Collagen Levels And Indulge In Decadent Chocolate Every Day!

Grandma's Cacao Dream™ Collagen

Foodie-approved superfood powder helps:

✅ Strengthen Bones & Ease Achy Joints
Promote Thick, Vibrant Hair & Nails
✅ Tighten Saggy Skin At The Cellular Level
Fortify Your Gut Lining For Easy Digestion
✅ Flavored With Real Chocolate Cacao From Ecuador
Dissolves Easily Without Gritty Sediment

Risk Free. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Only 1 gram of Net Carbs per serving

Dissolves Easily

Clump-free mixing in cold or hot liquid

10g Grass-Fed Collagen

Types I & III peptides

Rich Chocolate Flavor

Goes perfectly with coffee, milk, & water—cold or hot!

Why Collagen?

If it weren't for collagen, we'd all be jelly fish.

That's because collagen makes up so much of our bodies:

  • 6% of all muscle
  • 30% of all bone
  • 67% of all cartilage
  • 75% of all skin
  • 80% of all ligaments
  • 90% of all tendons

Yet, this power food has been kicked to the curb in the modern diet.

Which has had major consequences seen in our skin, hair, nails…

Felt in our gut, joints, and tendons.

Especially due to the ‘collagen loss’ phenomenon:

A Sneaky Problem

Like a spring fountain, the body produces its own collagen at youth.

Over time, collagen production slows down…

Producing less and less collagen each passing year.

Until finally, after losing 1% every year after your thirties…

The numbers show by the time we reach 60, collagen production has slowed down massively…

Causing our bodies to break down as well.

A Fast, Easy & Natural Way To Restore Your Collagen Levels

This ultra absorbable hydrolyzed formula replenishes your body with the two most important types of collagen, types I & III.

It's one of the best ways to:

  • Fortify joints and cartilage for pain-free mobility
  • Reinforce gut lining for digestion and immune function 
  • Strengthen gums, teeth, and connective tissue fibers
  • Enjoy youthful, glowing skin and hair

With Just 1 Scoop A Day… You can easily get a daily dose of collagen in your diet!

Whether you add it to your morning coffee…

A decadent chocolate smoothie…

Or just plain water…

What makes our collagen different is its complementary ingredients.

It’s more than just collagen… you get a fusion of 6 superfoods!

  1. Grass-fed Collagen
  2. MCT Oil from Coconuts
  3. Raw Cacao Chocolate
  4. Grass-fed butter
  5. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
  6. Monk Fruit

Easily and enjoyably added to your daily routine…

In smoothies, luscious hot drinks, energy-boosting coffees, and even delicious desserts.

Finally! Drink Chocolate Every Day Without Feeling Guilty

Best of all…

You can get all the collagen you need in that 1 scoop…

PLUS turn it into a decadent, chocolate smoothie!

Or how about a mocha latte, when added to your coffee!

In different ancient civilizations around the world, cacao is considered the “food of the gods”…

So revered, they would drink cacao to celebrate…

Drinking it with their families…

Connecting with themselves and their loved ones in deep, profound bliss.

But at the time…

They probably had no idea about all of its powerful antioxidants!

Or that cacao promotes healthier looking skin…

Increased energy levels…

Normal immune system functioning…

And it even helps with managing weight…

Because eating it actually sends signals to your brain that it’s full!

Plus… All Of The Body & Brain-Boosting Benefits Of Elevated Ketones

Your body’s preferred energy source is a type of healthy fat called MCT.

MCT, or medium chain triglycerides, typically comes in oil form…

And can quickly metabolize into ketones, becoming fast-burning energy!

The fatty acids in MCT oil support brain health…

Boosting mental and physical energy…

Even assisting with weight loss, in conjunction with diet and exercise.

The MCT oil inside Cacao Dream™ has a high C8 content…

Helping you feel satiated longer, making it easier for your body to release stubborn fat deposits.

Along with acacia fiber, a natural prebiotic, as the base…

Instead of the fillers found in most MCT powders.

NOTE: Most MCT Oil Powders on the market contain cost-cutting ingredients like Soluble Corn Fiber, Sodium Caseinate, Lecithin, even Maltodextrin (which is high on the glycemic index and can spike your blood sugar — terrible for a keto diet).

Our MCT Oil Powder contains none of that.

And the kicker?

It’s totally keto-friendly, so you can treat yourself — without the sugar and carbs!

“To Live For” Rich Chocolate Flavor… Without Unhealthy, Refined Sugars!

With zero refined sugars…

Cacao Dream™ is a keto-friendly treat that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Combining the safest and most preferred natural sweeteners on the market…

We paired organic stevia with monk fruit for the optimal balance of health and taste.

Monk fruit, otherwise known as Luo Han Guo…

Traditionally been made into a Chinese tea for treatment of cough and respiratory irritation.

At the size of an orange, monk fruit is also known as “Buddha fruit”…

Or “longevity fruit” for its ancient, beneficial properties.

But that’s not the only taste-enhancer we used…

We also added Himalayan pink sea salt…

Which enhances the dark chocolate flavor…

Containing over 84 minerals and trace elements that help balance your pH levels.

With all 6 superfood ingredients combined, I proudly give you…

Grandma's Keto® Cacao Dream™ Collagen

The Best-Tasting Chocolate Collagen You’ve Had… or Your Money Back!

Cacao Dream™ is perfect for those who:

✅ Want to support pain-free knees, hips & joints

Care about maintaining healthy hair, skin & nails

✅ Want to optimize their gut health and immune function

Could use extra protein & healthy fats in their morning coffee or smoothie

✅ Need the time-saving convenience of an all-in-one solution

Enjoy low-carb, keto-friendly treats to satisfy cravings

Risk Free. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

And That’s Actually Just The Start!

Because so many of the studies show that the longer you take collagen…

The more your skin, gut, and joints could benefit from them…

And because so many people have been ordering multiple bottles of Cacao Dream™ at a time…

So they can share them with their friends as well…

We’ve created an even deeper discount program where…

Right Now When You Stock Up On 6 Bags Of Cacao Dream™…

✔️ Not only will you save $116…

✔️ Not only will you also get the single-item shipping price (a value of up to $15 for bulk)…

✔️ But you’ll also secure 4 months supply of our soon-to-be sold out batch.

Once we sell out, it's gone for good!

There's no other collagen protein that can match this taste and quality…

So make the smart decision and stock up while you can!


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Customer Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Based on 40 reviews

“I have tried several Collagen powders to add to my coffee. Nearly ALL of them had a strange sort of taste that I couldn't abide. I wasn't hoping anything different when I ordered this Cacao Dream Collagen. I was SO pleasantly surprised! I now crave it, and add one scoop (included in the package) to each of two big mugs of my morning coffee. It is so yummy. It has a sort of mocha (because of the coffee) and hot chocolate taste. I am of a certain age, and my hair was thinning, as were my nails. I have just recently begun to see a real difference in the health of my hair and nails. I have also just started seeing that my hand and arm skin is not as “crepey.” I am toward the end of my 2nd bag of this, and do not want to be without. It is worth it, and I started as a skeptic.”
Kim Banta, Verified Buyer

“Grandma's Keto Collagen is the real deal! So easy to make (just mix with water), and it tastes delicious! I love that I don't have to mix it with anything else to mask the taste. The addition of raw cacao is genius, and I love that the product doesn't contain fillers. This is now my favorite mid-afternoon pick-me-up drink!”
Iris B., Verified Buyer

“I have been using this for a year. It has been very beneficial to me in so many ways especially my knees. A Great product!”
Betty Jean C., Verified Buyer

“I'm feeling excellent I am taking one scoop a day instead of two but I found that the results on my legs and my joints are wonderful and how I feel every day I am improving so I definitely recommend it.”
Jacki H., Verified Buyer

All orders of Cacao Dream™ Collagen are backed by our 90-day money back guarantee

Feel the difference Cacao Dream™ Collagen makes in your life for only $1.65 per day… that's less than a cup of coffee!

Grandma's Keto® guarantees Cacao Dream™ Collagen for quality, freshness, and labeled potency. We believe in our product so much, we offer a 100% risk-free 90-day return & refund policy.

That's right — you have 90 days to try out the product. Even though most people love our Cacao Dream™ Collagen and you'll probably love it too, if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, then our friendly Customer Care team is only an email away for refund assistance.

You must FEEL the difference Cacao Dream™ Collagen makes in your life — in promoting better joint function and mobility, making a positive impact on your quality of life, general wellbeing and more — otherwise, just return the unused portion any time for a full refund of your purchase price.

Rest assured, your order with us today will leave you confident knowing your purchase is backed by our iron-clad 90-day money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bags should I order?

Each bag contains 20 full servings (1 serving = 1 scoop). At 1 serving a day, that’s a 20 day supply.

You may end up taking 1-2 servings a day, depending on your recovery needs, health goals, and how much nutritional support your body needs.

Our most popular package is our option which includes 6 full-size bags of our signature Cacao Dream™ Collagen at an unbeatable price.

At the normal retail price of $54.40/bag, this package would cost $326.40, and bulk shipping would bring that even higher… but through this special page, you can take advantage of our limited-time BUY 4 GET 2 discount and get 6 full-size bags for the price of 4. That’s a massive savings!

Plus, with a 6 bag supply, you will have more than enough collagen to be able to start taking 2 servings a day (the dose for maximum benefits) without worrying about running out.

Q: Where's the nutrition label?

Q: How do I use Cacao Dream™ Collagen?

Mix 2 scoops into a drink (water, milk), coffee (hot or cold-brew), a shake or smoothie, or even yogurt and baked goods. Cacao Dream™ Collagen blends easily with minimal clumping, so feel free to get creative! Try it in your favorite food & drink recipes or replace your existing protein powder. And when you do, post a picture on social media and tag it with the hashtag: #grandmasketo or #cacaodream

Use throughout the day at any convenient time. In the morning to feel full and focused. Mid-day to maintain a healthy energy level. Before or after workouts for an energy boost and fast recovery (Grandma’s busy for her age).

Q: What makes Grandma's Keto® Cacao Dream™ Collagen different?

In two words: Grandma’s taste.

We selected each and every ingredient for the perfect balance of nutritional value and taste. For low-carb fuel, we’ve combined the power of collagen and healthy fats like MCT and grass-fed butter. Use to support your exercise regimen, gut health, skin, hair and joints—without the blood sugar spikes from other protein powders. Regular protein has nothing on Grandma’s.

Grandma’s Grass-fed Collagen: Protein is critical, but not all proteins are made equal. Clinical studies have shown collagen strengthens bones, joints, ligaments, and improves gut lining and connective tissues, even skin health. Our grass-fed collagen is only sourced from USA cows and not from other countries.

Grandma’s MCT Oil: Your body’s preferred energy source is a type of healthy fat called MCT (medium chain triglycerides). MCT oil can quickly metabolize into ketones and become fast-burning energy. When pairing collagen with MCT oil, the speed of collagen absorption slows down. So your body uses it for recovery instead of converting it to glucose. Further, Grandma’s is made with acacia fiber, which acts as a prebiotic to support gut health.

Nutrient-Dense: 1 serving contains the collagen equivalent of 2 cups of bone broth!

No Artificial Flavors: Forget the fake chemical taste! Cacao Dream™ Collagen is sweetened with monk fruit and organic Stevia extract.

No Synthetic Chemicals or Fillers: Contains only the best quality ingredients for your health. No nasty binding-agents or cost-cutting fillers.

Q: How many servings per container?

20 full servings (1 serving = 1 scoop)

Most people take 1-2 servings a day, depending on their recovery needs, health goals, and generally speaking how much support their body requires.

Q: How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 3-5 business days, depending on your location. You will receive an email notification as soon as we ship out your order.

We currently ship within the US only (email us for details about shipping to other countries). Our flat-rate shipping means no extra charge for multiple items!

Q: Will I get forced into a recurring subscription?

No, absolutely not. This is a one-time only purchase.

We do, however, offer a Subscribe & Save plan on this product, but only if you choose to do so from our main store page. If you want the best deal—you're already in the right place! We recommend you take advantage of this special offer for new customers NOW.

Q: Where are you making this?

Grandma's proud to finally take her concoctions out of the kitchen and into state of the art facilities. This way we can use advanced equipment designed to produce large quantities of product quickly and correctly. Not that Grandma’s kitchen isn’t clean (it is), but our professional facilities are:

✅ GMP Certified

✅ Doctor of Pharmacy Staffed

✅ Fully Climate Controlled

Grandma doesn’t have to worry about quality, because these facilities use the latest HVAC equipment to ensure temperature and quality control. They also house micro and analytical laboratories to conduct all the necessary testing for our products to ensure safety, efficiency and strict label adherence.

Needless to say, Grandma's got you covered on both safety and quality.

About Grandma's Keto®

Our mission is to provide functional nutrition for a more optimal body — by offering everyday solutions that enhance your quality of life, made only with the best ingredients.

To deliver the purity and potency of what nature has to offer, each small batch formulation is sustainably sourced and GMP manufactured, combining old-time wisdom with the latest advances in science.

This new approach to nutrition is what makes Grandma's Keto® a step above the rest. But the final verdict? That can only come from the love and support of our loyal customers!

Fast Shipping, Easy Returns

Need Help With Your Order?

The best way to contact us is by emailing our Customer Care team. Thank you for supporting Grandma's Keto and joining us on this journey to healthy, functional nutrition.

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